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web-development-services in Right SoftWare company

Web Development Services

We offer intelligent web solutions to your business problems in form of web applications. These applications help you maximize your profits on internet and help you grab unlimited opportunities. Our experts provide unconditional assistance and guide you through the entire process right from the idea to the final product, thus increasing the chance of building a successful product by many folds. Let us take care of your business through most reliable and business friendly softwares.

TXLOGISTIK AG The largest rail transport company in Europe.

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Travelocity The best service for travellers!

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IDEALO The biggest portal of comparison products (electronics, clothes, toys) and services (electricity, gas, internet, tourism, insurance and financial products, and others).

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TXLOGISTIK AG The largest rail transport company in Europe.

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Travelocity The best service for travellers!

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Development of users’ applications

Browsing internet for a business solution is a tiresome task and leads you to nowhere. But if you choose to work with us we ensure you that we will help you find the best possible business solution, which will help your business in miraculous and unthinkable ways.

E-commerce Consultancy

Our gifted and accomplished Ecommerce experts help you improve, maintain and update your site regularly. We currently provide development, integration and other services in following fields:

  • »   B2B и B2C
  • »   Internet merchandising and sales
  • »   Customer service
  • »   Online marketing
  • »   Loyalty programs
  • »   WEB Management

Our gifted programmers have hands on experience in dealing with modern ecommerce platforms such as Oracle, SAP, Hybris, eBay and Magento. They are well-versed and well equipped with modern knowledge and know how to design and develop products from scratch.

Our Engineers are vastly experienced in:
  • »  Assigning main components of system.
  • »  Building an interactive ecommerce interface with enhanced user experience.
  • »  Addition of multichannel support of counters and booths.
  • »  Inclusion of social commerce
  • »  Integration with existing ERP, execution of billing and assignment of CRM.

A perfect ecommerce software is one that has a good user interface and has the ability of taking intelligent business decisions, thus taking business to absolute new heights of success.

Cloud decisions

If you are looking for a cheap yet effective business solution then we would suggest you to move your database to cloud, this not only will give you unlimited access all across the globe but will also help you reduce maintenance expenses. Our experienced team will assist you with the cloud transfer and will also help you in taking effective SaaS-decisions.

Mobile-Responsive sites

We have experienced mobile developers that help you in preparing mobile responsive websites, thus increasing your customer base.

Adaptive design for Websites

Adaptive designs are the need of hour and users highly prefer those sites that are adaptive, this goal is easily achievable through slight modifications in HTML and CSS codes. Responsive sites are in fashion and highly recommendable.

Dynamic change of HTML and CSS

Another breakthrough feature that helps with page navigation in parallax sites. Users get to see different content but under the same URL. This is a difficult method to implement and requires serious knowledge and skills.

СCreation of mobile URL-pages.

An intelligent solution that detects user’s device and transfers it to the correct URL based on device type. Thus providing you with an opportunity to optimize content.

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