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Testing is an integral part of software development and this is the reason why we use different approaches to test an application. Almost 99% of the bugs are removed through testing software and the end delivered product is completely bug-free.

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Usability testing

Usability testing –A test that is performed on the app to find out how convenient and easy is it’s interface for users. Usability testing is a mirror image of how a product is seen by users. It gives the developers an opportunity to perceive the product from the point of view of an end user

A control group of around 300-1000 individuals is chosen to test an application and their behavior and response is recorded which helps to correct errors and bugs and improve application overall.

You can order usability testing for various aims:
  • Usability testing of interface
  • Navigation testing of the product
  • Comparison with competitors’ products
  • Comparison of several version of the interface
  • Usability testing of the product with the help of users from different countries (for multi-lingual projects)

Usability testing is carried out on both existing and potential users. For interface testing a control group of 30-50 individuals from different age groups is enough. If the app is to be released in multiple regions then it is advised that 15-20 test users are chosen from each demography. A single detailed testing takes around 30 minutes. Test user is given a set of tasks which they carry out during the testing process. These tasks are determined by programmers and HCI experts.

For instance, tasks for a bank could be something like:
  • To find a suitable credit card and submit an application;
  • To find a suitable deposit and submit an application;
  • To find a suitable automobile credit and submit an application;
  • To find the nearest office to the house or work;
  • To find the nearest ATM to the house or work;
Report: We provide the report that includes the following:
  • Problems their solutions and recommendations
  • Video records of all tests
  • Interaction maps with clients

As a result of this entire process, bugs and problems in the app are highlighted which are later corrected and a bug-free app is developed.

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Mobile testing

Mobile testing is mandatory for every new app developed as different mobile sets have different behaviors. For instance some apps work perfectly fine on iPhone but fail to perform on iPad. We have around 2000 working devices at our disposal at Right Software and use them to test your app and make sure that it will work absolutely fine on all available gadgets.

Security testing

Safety has always remained our prime concern and we take every possible measure to secure your valuable information. We assure you that your information and data is safe with us and there won’t be any information leakage or disclosure from our end. We provide you protection against DDos and XSS attacks, regularly scan your system for possible malware and delete as soon as any threat is found. Moreover regular encryptions and decryptions of your data also increase the security level to a remarkable extent. We also interact with hackers who help in pointing out weak areas of your system and thus making it secure than ever. We are here for you and will make your data as secure as possible.

Loading testing

Load testing –A real time emulation of thousands of users, which helps in studying the capacity of database in terms of Load Capacity.

  • Productivity testing is another useful technique that is used to measure the overall productivity of the system by carrying out different operations and then analyzing their results.
  • Stress testing - Testing system under extreme conditions in order to check its vulnerability.
  • Volume testing helps to find out the productivity when amount of data is increased.
  • Reliability testing – test of a system working under high loads for long time intervals. The report includes the information about maximum productivity of a system and also contains recommendations about optimization of productivity ranged according to the influence on the final productivity.
  • Final generated report includes recommendations and suggestion for maximum productivity and also contains points through which high level optimization can be achieved.

Integration and migration testing with other systems

Off-site integrations are an important feature of complex business decision that involve coding and decoding of several processes. Programmers and engineers at Right Software have hands on experience in deploying and setting up complex systems. Testing is a multi-stage process which includes infrastructure investigation and trial integration on testing servers.

In case of a drastic growth at a company migration of Data becomes invulnerable, migration also becomes necessary in case of a certain change in system design. We help you with the migration and ensure you that the complete transfer would take place without any data loss and data corruption. We have helped a number of companies in migration of data through CRM and ERP and have 100% successful record.

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