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Team Right SoftWare: Best Web developers team, the best programmers, talented, genius code, genius of design and layout, the best engineers and managers.

Our team

Irina Mironenko Founder & CEO

Irina’s core focus lies on providing high quality services to clients which ensure skyrocketing sales at Right Software. She founded this company with a sole objective and that was to gather best programmers, coders and designers under one roof and then using this pool of specialists, to help out people. Right Software is currently performing miraculously under her leadership and employees are working tirelessly and selflessly for the company and its clients.

Ilya TabakovFounder & CTO

Ilya comes in with tons of experience under his belt, he founded the Business Innovation Department at Yandex and used to report directly to the Board of Management. He is a seasoned campaigner and has extensive experience in structuring and leading teams to execute complex and compound software projects. Ilya holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the Moscow Institute of Technology. Ilya loves to explore different countries for fishing and also like to play Chess.

Sophia MazeDirector of operations

An ambitious and proven global marketer, Sophia is currently overseeing strategic operations and business engagements at Propane Studio, ensuring that the agency is positioned to meet the continually evolving needs of clients and partners. She is involved in various important decision makings at Studio which include strategic positioning, integrated marketing, web-based app development and enterprise level platform implementation. Sophia is passionate photographer and is also involved with various charity organizations.

Artur Gross Executive Creative Director

Artur is the Executive Creative Director of the company and is involved in creating and innovating designs that have become a trademark of Right Software. He was born and brought up in Saint Petersburg, which has helped him unleash his inner innovation. He works relentlessly and tirelessly to satisfy clients and is a passionate about fishing, cycle racing and landscape design

Michael Goldshtein Director of Strategy

Michael is a seasoned strategist with over 12 years in the IT industry. He is attuned to what consumers are looking for when it comes to engagement opportunities and multichannel brand experiences. As such, he does not view digital marketing as a separate marketing channel, but rather as an integral part of entire consumer experience. Michael hails from Germany, where he led the strategy competency and always talked and focused on consumer’s rights. Outside work, Michael is a passionate about Rock music and frequently attends and performs at concerts.p>

Elena Blum Chief Financial Officer

Elena as CFO, is responsible for overall financial management of the company, which includes fiscal reporting and long-range business planning. She also provides the modern, supportive leadership that instills loyalty and humanity in people around her. Prior to joining Right Software, Elena amassed a depth of varied experience across retail, ecommerce, technology, and other vital industries. Elena is a certified Karate expert who finds throwing other martial artists across the room relaxing after a long day of wrestling with financial facts and figures.

Lev Kropf Head of Mobile Development Department

Lev has been working within the Internet/New Media Industry since 2001 and thus knows the tech industry in and out. Before joining Right Software, he worked for several web design companies including a multinational company. He joined our development team in 2010. His vast skill set include PHP, XHTML, XML, CSS, MYSQL, JQuery, Ajax, CodeIngitor and Smarty. He has also vast experience in developing WAP sites. He has won many awards in Programming contests and won first prize in Programming World championship on command Collegiate Programming Contest ACM ICPC. His mottoes are: “There is nothing that we can’t do, only time is the limit” and “Improvement is a never stopping process”.

Andre ZacharovPHP developer

He graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University with a distinction. He specializes in system programming. He is the winner of two international programing competitions. At Right Software he is engaged in development and management of web-projects. He has tons of experience in designing and development of interfaces using latest and devices and cutting edge technologies. He takes deep interest in management-practice and processes development. He likes to play music instruments in leisure time and for him those are great stress relievers.

Alex Morozovjava developer

Alex Morozov graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He is a database expert. He is a certified "Java programmer" and has also passed the exam for “Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035)”. Alex has a work experience of 3 years in IT industry under his belt. He has hands on experience in Java programming, platform J2EE(Servlets, JSP, JDBC), server of application Tomcat, OracleAS, WebSphere. HTML and XML markup language, XSLT transformation. Moreover he also has technological development experience in JSF, AJAX, ADF BC and integrated development environment. He likes to live life to the fullest and loves to go for hiking and fishing.

Vladimir VasilyevPython Programmer

Vladimir Vasilyev graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Vladimir is involved in server side of game development and has strong programing concepts that help in realization of game logic. He also happens to be the editor-in-chief of content for game-designers, moreover he is also involved in development of artificial intellect elements of games. His core area of interest and expertise is Python. Vladimir has analytical abilities, an ability to find innovative and out of the box solution of rather complex problems. He loves to explore different areas and is always up for travelling.

Igor Kozlovtester

Igor Kozlov graduated from the Novosibirsk State Technical University as a system programmer. Since 2005 he has been working in the domain of software testing. Igor took part in developing and introducing systems of automation testing processes and management of testing commands. Igor has great experience in testing different desktop and web applications. He is a specialist in the sphere of test-design and works with documentation and analytics. Igor also has great expertise and capabilities in the area of automation testing and knows how to deal with different UNIX/Linux systems. He likes to live a happening life and has an active lifestyle of which rafting is a major component.

Ivan UgarovFlex/AIR developer

Ivan Ugarov graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He is a kickass programmer and is a real multi-talented person whose area of expertise is not limited to one field only. He likes to play around with all technologies and knows how to build and develop a top notch app from scratch. Outside work Ivan mostly spends his time hiking and deep sea diving.

Alex Davidov iOS developer

Alex Davidov graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University. Since 2009 he has been working as an IOS developer. Alex is currently engaged in client-server application development, which includes interface development, database work, server interaction and application architecture construction. He has firsthand experience in developing an app from the scratch and knows how to take the project forward and meet client demands. He is a music junkie and is always exploring new genres.

Victor MatveevPHP developer

Victor Matveev graduated from Moscow State University. He is responsible for development of interactive elements on the site which are a source of real interaction with the user. He has full command on JavaScript, VBScript, pearl, PHP, SSI, Java, C/C+, MySQL and ASP. Beside these he also has excellent knowledge of DHTML, HTML and web-mastering. Victor has over 5 years industry experience in which apart from hardcore web development he also has laid his hands on SEO optimization.

Nina Dlinovaandroid developer

Nina Dlinova is a programmer at Right Software who is currently dealing with Android applications. She graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, she specializes in mathematics and applied mathematics. She has her own unique style of Android development that yields high quality output. She loves to go out for hiking to relax.

Alex BefusASP developer

Alex Befus graduated from Moscow State University in 2006, he is a database expert. Alex is responsible for the development of web-applications, database designs, database access layering, business logic and user interface. He is currently engaged in the development of a bank web-portal.

Den KarpinskiRuby on Rails developer

Den Karpinski has an excellent knowledge of Ruby on Rails he worked as a Junior Rails Developer at a software house and is also familiar with Rails Guides. He also has abundant knowledge of Ruby, Linux and Java Script. Den has won numerous awards and prizes in programming contests. He lives an active lifestyle and goes out for sailing whenever he finds time.

Piter SigalineWeb Designer

He is true genius when it comes to design a web app, he is skilled in designing an interactive user interface and knows how to play around with colors. He has hands on experience on various tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CSS, 3D Studio Max and Cinema 4D. He also is well equipped with the knowledge of template based websites and has full command on mobile and desktop applications, templates and icons and most important he is well versed in prototyping websites. He likes hiking and is an expert mountaineer. p>

Alina SerinoMobile Designer

Alina Serino graduated from the Novosibirsk State University, she specializes in applied informatics. Since 2009 she has worked as a web-designer for mobile apps. She has the privilege of working with the likes of Saparto.ru and Direct Group. She is engaged in model development, banner design and designing of splash screens for pay terminals and many other domains. Over the years she has developed her own unique style which has become her trademark. She likes to go for a hike every now and then and also is keen to adopt dancing as an alternative career.